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On behalf of our entire neighborhood, the NSB Board thanks you for your support and timely contribution toward our Security Program and Association sponsored events!

Please find the following item(s) enclosed:

  • The “18” sticker for your yard Security Sign
  • If you are new to the program since last year, a handy magnet with the phone number for our Security Patrol

Please affix the sticker to your yard sign to show your continuing support and Association membership in 2018.   Your magnet will look great on the refrigerator!

If you have any questions or suggestions on our Security Program, you can forward those to Ghada as well.

We’d like to take this opportunity to provide you with some key points regarding the NSB Security Program.  All of which would not be possible without your financial support and all of our neighbors.:

  • Our patrol operates 6 days a week, with one TPD officer on per shift
  • Each shift lasts 3-5 hours, and starts between 9 PM and Midnight
  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays we have 8 hour shifts starting at about 4 PM
  • Call the Patrol Number for assistance during these times, however always call 911 for emergencies
  • The NSB Patrol number accepts messages when an officer is not on duty, and all messages are checked during each shift
  • When leaving a message, always include you name, address, phone number, date and time
  • Don’t forget to request a ‘vacation check’ when you’re away for awhile – especially for construction work or tenting
  • Never hesitate to call the TPD non-emergency number about any suspicious activity

We urge you to remind the neighbors around you – who do not have a yard sign or a 2018 sticker – of the importance of our Security Patrol and funding the association’s efforts.  Only by taking an active role can we continue to build our participation levels. With greater participation we can increase the TPD presence, for instance re-instating some highly valuable day-time shifts, and expand our neighborhood events roster.

It’s only $1 a day for peace of mind.


The primary function of the patrol is to deter crime by being visible in the neighborhood. Officers have been directed to patrol with alley lights (the spotlights) on, at our request.  It takes about 20-25 minutes to make a complete pass of the neighborhood, which includes all streets and alleys.

Officers often leave the vehicle and walk the neighborhood on foot.  Throughout the shift, officers walk around the homes requesting vacation checks, randomly check vehicles to ensure they are secured properly, routinely close garage and vehicle doors left open, and leave blue TPD Courtesy Notices as appropriate.

The officers respond to all calls dispatched from the neighborhood while on duty.  While there are others, the most common include alarms, domestic disputes, prowlers, suspicious people / vehicles, and burglaries.  While on duty, the officers are very vigilant and will stop suspicious people and vehicles. This may be the result of a traffic violation or a crime pattern that evolves. The end result is usually a citation or a ‘street check’ to document the activity.

As a neighbor, being aware of the patrol shift is important.  When on duty, the officers carry the cell phone that you can call for direct assistance (the security patrol number).  If an incident occurs when a patrol officer is not on duty, you should always call 911 for emergencies, or the non-emergency TPD number for a regular duty officer to respond.  If you can wait for the patrol officer to come on duty, leave a message on the patrol number and they will respond once they come on.

If a criminal event is in progress, it is important that the TPD respond immediately, so call 911 first, then call the NSB patrol number!


Vacation Checks are just one of the great services our patrol provides. During your absence, the officers will address any activity around your home and will periodically walk the accessible areas on your property – and do a general security check of windows, doors, and vehicles. If you are requesting a check of your home, leave a message on the patrol phone number with the following information.

Name, address, phone number, emergency contact number,

The dates you plan to leave and return.

If you return earlier than expected, please leave a message that you have returned to avoid any unnecessary accidents.  Please communicate any change in plans prior to, or immediately upon, your return.

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