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Happy Fall to Everyone!

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President’s Message

Happy Fall to Everyone – and the hope for cooler weather to let us get outside and enjoy our beautiful neighborhood and all that South Tampa has to offer!  I can’t let the summer pass, however, without thanking everyone who participated in our annual Fourth of July Party and Children’s Parade.   Thanks to all who helped to make it a huge success – especially our Events Chairperson, Kelly Bilger, who coordinated the event, and Courtney and Eric Hoenig, who graciously invited us all to their lovely home for this fun event.  The food, refreshments, and socializing were great and the children’s floats and costumes were awesome.

Speaking of fun events, Halloween is just around the corner and we hope all the children of NSB will participate in our annual Halloween special event.  You should have 4 raffle tickets attached to this newsletter – details are below!

Since the Fourth of July and Halloween events are centered around the children of NSB, we’ve decided that our next event will be for the grown-ups, in the form of a BYOB holiday gathering in early December.  Details will be in the upcoming Holiday Newsletter.

In addition to the fun stuff, as most of you know, our Security Program is the main component of our association. Find out more about that in our treasurer’s report below!

The association also keeps up with governmental and regulatory issues to keep you informed of changes affecting NSB. Scott Weber is our neighborhood representative to the South Tampa Regulatory Review Committee and doing a superlative job on our behalf –see his report below!

Of note since the last newsletter, the city is looking at ways to strengthen code enforcement to make reporting easier, enforcement more efficient and penalties more effective. Issues include tenants leaving furniture, appliances and other junk on curbs and in alleys when they move; overflowing commercial dumpsters that attract rats and raccoons; non-permitted work that has not been approved and permitted by the city; changing uses of property to those not permitted under current zoning; repeated and continuous violations; and wasting time finding the right person with the city or being shuffled from person to person without getting anywhere when you file a complaint.  We’ll keep you posted as the city’s efforts move forward.

All of us on the board welcome the chance to get to know as many of our neighbors as possible!  We encourage your involvement in helping us to make NSB the best it can be for all of us and welcome your questions and comments!

Download the full Newsletter here: NSB_Newsletter_Autumn 2013


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